Why Are We Waiting?

There’s a nervousness growing on the streets and in the conversations happening in our coffee shops across Alberta. There is concern and angst among people who are typically risk-takers, adventurers and entrepreneurs.

And it’s becoming infectious. And it’s becoming concerning.

Alberta has a long history of an unusual economy – filled with highs and lows, droughts and floods, journeys and discoveries. It’s been a land of opportunity between periods of hardship, and our culture of camaraderie and cooperation has prevailed when times were most tough. And we’ve always fought through it, together.

Optimism is a key virtue of living here, as is hard work. There is no room for entitlement, and pointing fingers and complaining leaves you sitting very alone. If something needs fixing, we fix it. If something needs doing, we do it. And if someone needs help, we help them. It’s pretty simple.

So why has developing a budget and a policy framework become so difficult?

In today’s world of economic uncertainty, our individuals, families, businesses, farmers and non-profits all need some help, some guidance, some direction in terms of what they can expect … such that they can plan and make decisions that positively affect their future.

Instead, we’re playing politics and waiting for a federal election before taking care of our own?

That’s certainly not the culture that’s made us successful. That’s certainly not how we build our province. And that’s certainly not any form of leadership.

People expect more. And when you can taste fear hovering in the air … people need action.

Let’s see some leadership and some action … please.

5 thoughts on “Why Are We Waiting?

  1. Oh for heaven’s sake. The federal government delayed the budget and they were in power for almost a decade. Lougheed took six months. If you have something important to do, go ahead. The government can’t change oil prices so bet on low prices and a recession. The worst thing would be to collapse in a heap or talk yourself in to a fear fit or blame anyone but yourself for your inertia. If we are such doers and risk takers, then let’s prove it.

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  2. Lougheed took 6 months in 1971…One would imagine that technological advances have expedited this process significantly over the the past 44 years.

  3. I have to agree, Brad. Our new premier has been MIA since the election. People put a lot of faith in the new government, but thus far there’s been radio silence. As a business owner, I want my government to reassure me that we can and will weather this economic storm.

  4. They can’t give you reassurance because there isn’t any. I would say that I have had no faith in this gov’t and they are living up to exactly what we feared a ramming through of ideologies as opposed to governing and working with the experts and people of Alberta. Just look at the advisors she chose…..Any Albertans? This is a very concerning time. People of Alberta keep notes on the damage to be fixed…

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