Brad Ferguson is the President & CEO of Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, responsible for ensuring Edmonton and the Capital Region consistently outperform every economic jurisdiction in North America for the next 20 years.

Brad has built his career designing and implementing growth strategies for some of Canada’s most respected organizations, and repeatedly tests the resiliency of those strategies against various economic and political scenarios. He is considered one of the most passionate evangelists for increased competitiveness in business, and provides thought leadership on economic, innovation and international investment policy. His experience draws from leading practices around the globe, and his facilitative approach to problem solving is welcomed across the public, private and non-profit sectors.

4 thoughts on “About

    • Just finished the Ottawa event, and received amazing feedback. Will be planning a road show in early 2014. Toronto will be the first stop.

  1. Dear Mr. Mah,

    Good work on chastising Air Canada (I normally just call it Air Calgary)

    I think you should have gone one step further and mentioned Calgary, after all it is not really about directing flights to the other three main cities in Canada as the Europe run is mostly just all about subsidizing Calgary’s flight(s). If you go online and check flights you will almost always find that the Calgary connections are the cheapest. That means overcapacity in that market specifically. My family and I travel extensively mostly for business and we have a no fly Air Calgary policy. This is the message that should be publicized.

    I hope you keep up the good work.

    Phil Berard

  2. It seems the branding thing is partially to attract ppl to Edmonton. With all the urban sprawl, infill, full schools, lack of jobs, I don’t see that there’s a reason to attract more ppl to Edmonton.

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