Brad Ferguson is the president of BGE Indoor Air Quality Solutions, western Canada’s largest manufacturer, distributor, retailer and service/maintenance supplier of air filtration products and solutions. BGE is a purpose-based, family-owned company committed to working with top organizations and building owners who understand how important clean air is to their workplaces. BGE helps them understand the impact clean air has on their financial, cultural and environmental bottom lines.

This blog is designed to capture Brad’s thoughts on the economic and political realities of the day, as he is often called upon to shape the conversation on the Canadian economy. Although he strives to be non-partisan, his thoughts are based on experience of how to build successful, competitive companies and growth strategies for economic regions. At times, he may seem confrontational, but his goal to simply to be provocative and to get people thinking about solutions.

Enjoy. Feedback is welcomed – that’s where real learning begins.

4 thoughts on “About

    • Just finished the Ottawa event, and received amazing feedback. Will be planning a road show in early 2014. Toronto will be the first stop.

  1. Dear Mr. Mah,

    Good work on chastising Air Canada (I normally just call it Air Calgary)

    I think you should have gone one step further and mentioned Calgary, after all it is not really about directing flights to the other three main cities in Canada as the Europe run is mostly just all about subsidizing Calgary’s flight(s). If you go online and check flights you will almost always find that the Calgary connections are the cheapest. That means overcapacity in that market specifically. My family and I travel extensively mostly for business and we have a no fly Air Calgary policy. This is the message that should be publicized.

    I hope you keep up the good work.

    Phil Berard

  2. It seems the branding thing is partially to attract ppl to Edmonton. With all the urban sprawl, infill, full schools, lack of jobs, I don’t see that there’s a reason to attract more ppl to Edmonton.

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