I’m not sure whether to call this my “Official Blog” or my “Unofficial Rant” page.  Blogs seem outdated.  Rants seem more entertaining.  What I can say for sure is that there are lots of provocative topics that are key to moving Edmonton forward, and occasionally I need more than 140 characters to explore them.

My objective is to post thoughts on timely topics I believe to be important to Edmonton and Edmontonians, and hopefully get some discussion going among readers.  They are my words … uncensored and uncleansed.  In fact, I’m not even sure uncleansed is a word?  But, that is my promise and I think it will make for a meaningful dialogue.

Yes, I’m the CEO of EEDC.  I’m also a father, husband, coach, business owner, sports enthusiast, arts lover, beef-eating taxpayer that flies a big blue Alberta flag in front of his house, with the hope that somehow … in some way … I can help make our city and our province … better.

So welcome. Visit often and leave your thoughts behind. I look forward to this.