‘Twas the Night Before Budget

‘Twas a night in Alberta, under the beautiful stars
All the creatures were stirring, at the restaurants and bars;
The oil price had swung and a chill’s in the air,
But we’ve seen this before, it’s not a nightmare.

The province is worried as the budget draws near,
Realizing stability in revenue is required next year;
And mamma with her visa, extended to the max,
Knows that stability must come thru a provincial sales tax.

When across the world as they watch their TVs,
Gasp! Alberta has deficits, budget cuts and fees!!
But we’re attracting investment, new people and firms,
And we’re sending alarm, Oh when will we learn.

The sun’s in the sky amidst almost no snow,
Our cities are strong, they continue to grow;
For our assets are not commodities and gears,
But four million people with brains between them ears.

The decisions we make in the twelve months ahead,
Will determine the future of that word left unsaid;
Call it SalesTax, or ConsumptionTax or NewVAT,
But dammit we need something, so get off of your knees.

We speak not a word, but go straight to our work,
Building our cities and province to prevent the knee-jerk;
So let’s get off of this cycle and make the tough call,
It will echo generations and benefit us all.

This is land that we love, we build it with pride,
Many come here to work, yet they get a free ride;
Our cities are magnets, they are reaching new heights,