The King is Dead; Long Live the Queen

The grumpiness is deafening. The astonishment is mind-numbing. And the continued entitlement is unbelievable. No different than the morning after Iveson was elected as Mayor, no different than when snowboards were first allowed on ski hills, and no different than when women were finally allowed in the spike bar at the Mayfair.

Gasp! This place is going to hell and these young folks don’t have a clue how to run this place.

Welcome to the new Alberta. Average age, 36.

The new Alberta has come off being the strongest economic region in North America for the past ten years and a lot of people have made a lot of money – which is a good thing. We’ve been the lowest tax jurisdiction in North America, with a royalty structure that has promoted investment and the development of our resources at an unprecedented rate.

But that same policy environment has created a hyper-inflated economy when oil prices are high and a deficit-debilitated budget when prices are low – which has been confirmed through two economic summits as a bad thing. So if citizens, business leaders and economists all want to have a more balanced approach to growth and development going forward, then looking at incremental changes to these taxation and royalty policies is certainly not incomprehensible.

It just really upsets those who are used to getting their way.

Enter Kevin O’Leary, with his made-for-reality-TV personality, shouting fears that Alberta will be dragged into the abyss, will be filled with unions, and will be brought to its knees because it voted in the NDP.

While his blue suit and sharp tongue work on network TV, he embarrassingly proves himself and other crony colleagues out of touch with the fact that our resource assets remain incredibly valuable, our carpenters, electricians, plumbers, nurses, boilermakers and other unions are not invading, and we have a long history of never, ever, being brought to our knees.

The change in government was not some freak event. Over 72% of Alberta voters expressed their desire for change, expressed who they are and expressed what matters most to them – things like good governance, sustainable growth, fiscal management, transparency, and engagement.

Alberta still represents the same abundance of opportunity. And like any good company, the shareholders have expressed their desire to make incremental changes along with a restructuring to the board, in hopes of creating more value. In short, they lost confidence in the King, and they elected the new Queen. The grumpy guys may not like it, but all the rhetoric in the world won’t change a thing. It’s time now to pull together, make the necessary changes, and continue to be the highest performing economic region in North America for the next 20 years.

15 thoughts on “The King is Dead; Long Live the Queen

  1. Great post Brad.

    While I regret losing the MLA in our riding, for she was a tireless and effective MLA in our community, the time was right for a good and thorough housecleaning. “The King” arrived and told us we needed to look in the mirror. Then through luck or strategy, the PEOPLE’s opposition was destroyed without the PEOPLE being consulted, and then we endured an opportunistic snap election.

    Our Premier Elect and her Party have four years to demonstrate effective LEADRSHIP and earn our trust. Norway started after us, produces less oil, and has nearly a $Trillion in their endowment fund, the interest on which could pay for all of our social programming. We have a paltry $15 Billion. Where did all our money go?

    I’m prepared to roll up my sleeves and work with our new Government to help Alberta innovate to its next level of greatness. I think we should be reinventing government in this Province, showing the world what stakeholder engagement is really all about, leveraging our digital infrastructure to give everyone a voice, and to streamlining citizen facing processes.

    Less red-tape, less silly rules, more value, lower cost. Further, I hope we can invest a portion of our energy profits into new energy sources that Alberta can own the patents on – things like Nuclear (Solar) Fusion, and propel transportation initiatives that help Canada and North America eliminate ALL need for offshore oil.

    For our young, and our young at heart, let’s put our Alberta Spirit behind Rachel and Get Moving Forward again.

  2. Well put Brad!

    Are we a third world country where people spill out on the streets because they are not happy with the election outcome? I did note vote NDP but they were democratically elected and should be given the opportunity to govern. Responsible, can-do type of people will put their energies into more worthwhile pursuits like building this great region and province. Children have tantrums, adults do not so let’s move forward.

    Just my $0.02

  3. Well said and necessary too! The relationship between business ande government needs to be more professional in both the pubic interest and private gain especially in the resource sectors.

  4. Hey Brad,
    Just wondering where you found our tattoo photo? A group of us locally have it and it is kind of a THING (it is the name of our loose art collective and we ended up naming our music fest after it:
    Just wanted to let you know what the context is.

  5. Well written post. This is a shuffling of the board of directors’ chairs, not a regime change. America is no worse off seven years after electing Obama, despite the rhetoric at that time. Alberta is prosperous due to its resources and intellectual capital, the election doesn’t change that.

  6. kevin O’leary represents the attitude and phony entitlement of rich billionaires before even giving the government a chance. Rachel will govern with integrity and transparency representing the hopes and dreams of most Alberta’s We will be leaders instead of surf slaves of the rich

  7. Keep calm and drink the Kool-aid? No thanks. Given she is your new boss this will likely mean you can keep your job for a few more weeks – but such mendacity will not be very helpful unless you are seeking another government position elsewhere. Good luck.

  8. Bravo! Alberta was so ready to embrace change. I’m personally a bit surprised, but happily so, to see EDE embracing it, too! Bravo! I think with Notley, Nenshi, and Iveson, the province is poised to see some terrific changes, new enthusiasm, new thinking — all much-needed. The lines between the former ruling party and other interested parties had become…just too blurred over 44 years. I like the new `crispness` that has entered both of our major cities, and now…. our province. It was time. Fantastic to see EDE on board with that enthusiasm and movement.

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