PC Candidate: Rumour or Truth

If the rumours are true, this will be an exciting week ahead.

If rumours are true, then Chris Labossiere (@chrislabossiere) will be declaring his intention to run as the Edmonton-Rutherford candidate for the Alberta PC Party in the next provincial election, and this is great news for Edmonton.

Consistently inspired by public service, Chris has been a force for change in our province over the past decade, and has been an inter-generational, selfless leader for a hard-working, responsible and tolerant Alberta.

Over my past two years at EEDC, no one has come to me with more ideas, no one has been more willing to roll up their sleeves, and no has been more willing to challenge the status quo as Chris Labossiere.

If this is the caliber of candidate that Jim Prentice and the PCAA team is attracting to lead this province in the future, then I’m looking forward to what is to come.

I do not live in Edmonton-Rutherford and cannot cast a vote for Chris or anyone else running to make the necessary changes that are needed. But I encourage all Edmontonians to take the time to get to know him, as he will likely be a major player in the years ahead … and his heart and soul is firmly rooted in our fabulous city which will benefit profoundly from his service.

This is one rumour I hope is true.

2 thoughts on “PC Candidate: Rumour or Truth

  1. Brad, Yes, Congrats to Chris if he declares to run for the PC Party as an Edmonton-Rutherford candidate. You mentioned that Chris was an inter-generational,self-less leader. As you probably already know that ‘Entrepreneurship is for Everyone’ but unfortunately for whatever reason, it’s NOT happening yet for the 50+entrepreneurs in the Province of Alberta. Would it be too much to ask EEDC to have some recognition given to the Top 40 Entrepreneurs in Alberta that are over 40 or 50 yrs. of age. At the same time could the EEDC organize a ‘business support group’ for the potential 50+ entreprenurs in Alberta. I suggest that this new group could be constructed along the lines of what already exists with the younger entrepreneurs in the Mercier Building on 104 St. & 104 Avenue. This would also allow the Boomers/Elders to form inter-generational business alliances when required. Let’s challenge the status quo some more here!

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