3 thoughts on “One Eye Open

  1. This is my favourite post yet. Thank you for illustrating the connection between macroeconomics, youth unemployment and global unrest with plain language that anyone can understand … and hopefully many will begin to reconsider from our insulated Alberta perspective.

  2. You nailed it Brad. In a former city that I lived in the Board of Trade recognized that we can pay now (helping with child care and single moms and youth engagement programs) or we can pay later, when these kids enter our criminal justice system. As your post detailed, those issues have been ramped up in recent times and by looking from a global prospective. But the game is still the same: engage now or engage latter. The only thing that isn’t an option is to have it not affect us.

  3. Awesome post Brad. As we remember the one young man with a life so full of hope and promise who gave his life in the service of his Canada, we cannot forget the other young man who took it from him. So desperate and downtrodden and weak of spirit that the dark side took him over.

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