2 thoughts on “Goodbye & Hello

  1. For the record, Edmonton has always had a soul! We must never forget the true north strong and free Albertans who did in fact build the infrastructure we all seem to take for granted as always having been here. These people were a generation of Albertans that made sacrifice and built a wonderful city. We had surplus, health care, culture and infrastructure that were bar none! Most of that was taken from Albertans in the Klein years.

    Knowing how good Albertans had it compared to where we are now speaks volumes against where our future is going. Please do not be so quick to comment that Alberta was naive, it only says you are and that you are more in touch with economics than the people that should be represented. Most people coming to this province will never understand that.

    Yes, energy has been handed to us on a silver platter, but who owns the energy and what are the Albertans who built this province seeing from that?? Education cuts, two tier health care, privitization of crown corporations, the Heritage Trust Fund monies are where?

    It’s great that people can come here to reap the rewards of Alberta’s bubble economy and take advantage of things Albertans made great sacrifice for. All for the money. Great! We do however need true leadership! Leadership for Alberta and Albertans. Petro China does not care about our province other than the energy in it that it already owns. Imperial Oil, Shell and the list goes on all have high share stakes in what belonged to the aforementioned Albertans.

    Please show leadership for this and the future generations of Alberta. Once Alberta has been sold, the future will be very bleak indeed.

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