Our #CapRegionRocks !!

What do our borders really mean? They were drawn on the map for political purposes over 100 years ago and determine where we pay taxes and where we call home. But on a daily basis we cross them like crossing a street, without thought or hesitation. Why? Because at the end of the day, among our many we are one.

I was born in St. Albert but delivered at the University hospital. I now live in Edmonton but serve those in Sherwood Park and St. Albert. I have operated campgrounds in Strathcona County and corporate retreats in Sturdeon County. I fly out of Leduc/Nisku and I coach hockey in Parkland County. At the end of the day, among our many we are one.

Over the past decades we have spent endless effort trying to define ourselves in opposition to each other, when maybe we should have been celebrating what we have in common. Whether it was you, your parents, your grandparents or your grandparents’ parents, we all came to this region in search of opportunity … and we all choose to stay here because we are part of building something. It could be your career, your family, your education, your life … whatever your opportunity is … we are all building it here.

So as we move forward and compete in a global world, we are better together … unified, strong and full of weird, quirky communities that give us character, charm and allure. The Capital Region does rock, and I believe the years ahead will be years of celebrating together and years of competing as one.


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