4 thoughts on “Brand Something Edmonton

  1. Very well said, brad. And you know what is funny, if I ask every single one of Indycar staff, team employees, and other race fans, they thought Edmonton was a fantastic city to visit. Without the exposure the race brought to Edmonton, there would be 5000 less people that didn’t even know that it existed. These types of events help to brand the city, get people to realize the cosmopolitan atmosphere in the middle of “nowhere”. Many of these friends have made a point to come back and explore more of this area.

  2. Thank you for articulating the next step of the MakeSomethingEdmonton campaign, Brad. I am delighted at the intense involvement of the 104th St. youth crowd. I want to see a reach-out over the cultural chasm to bring in the under-35 Ford truck owners, welders, technologists, technicians that live in the burbs with their families and have either no interest or are not wooed into participatiing in this bright new future. To grab their attention and their energy, in partnership with the downtown hipsters would create a formidable force!

  3. Outstanding as usual. Thanks for the great piece. I don’t think we’ve reached the post-secondary demographic just yet, but we’re certainly on pace to do so over the next few months. It might be worth doing a presentation at the U of A Students’ Union’s student council, so that we spread the word about this across the 10+ U of A faculties.

  4. There are two large demographics in Edmonton who need to find ways to connect and to be engaged in city building. I know it is easy to get the connected groups that live on social media but we are splitting into “tribes” along age and social economic lines and that excludes a large number of people who have experience and experiences to offer.
    Knight Foundation study (http://www.soulofthecommunity.org/content/paula-ellis-newsday-what-makes-us-love-where-we-live-and-why-it-matters) found that the top three reasons people connect with their city are:
    1. Social spaces: places that physically connect people e.g. main streets, parks
    2. Openness: All ages, ethnic groups and sexual orientations feel included
    3. Esthetics/beauty: pride in place

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