In Canada … Clean Air Matters

Imagine your kids being kept home from school for two weeks because of air quality. Nothing to do with COVID; everything to do with pollution.  That is exactly what happened to my niece last year.  She lives in Shanghai, mostly indoors.

When I visited her, I surveyed her school mates on their impressions of Canada and the Canadian brand.  Collectively, they said it was open, clean, safe, and cold.  Those were their four words. Our brand in China and likely in many other countries in the world, especially for Gen Y and Gen Z youth – our future visitors and consumers.

So, how are we leveraging our Canadian brand at this precarious moment? How are we investing in marketing and brand building that positions our brand, the maple leaf, in the eyes of the world? 

What an opportunity to position ourselves as one of the cleanest places in the world. I know our boarders are closed and travel is restricted, but I also know that what we do in the downtimes determines how we will perform in the good times.

And now is the time.

This is the time to build our brand with intention.

Open, clean, safe, and even cold are foundational words to build upon. They position Canada as a premium market that cares about agriculture & food production, travel & tourism, healthcare & environmental protection, manufacturing and industrial production, and science & technology. And COVID enhances the importance of these basic words, as those words are what people are looking for and what people will desire as soon as they return to a world of international investment, travel, and trade.

At BGE our motto is that Clean Air Matters, as we are focused on ensuring organizations in western Canada are providing the safest and cleanest indoor environments for their people. We are wrapped in a proud Canadian flag and we are working hard to link our purpose with our Canadian identity.

I’m interested in in how other Canadian companies are doing the same.  Not Tim Horton’s, Molson’s, and Canadian Tire who have led Canada’s brand development over the past 10 years, but other product and services companies that together can help shape our global image during these challenging times.

It would be great to get a collection of like-minded organizations working together. A grassroots movement to push our identity and our pride.

It’s what we do in the downtimes that determines how we perform in the good times. So as we are still staying home from school, let’s remember the simple but important things like clean air …. matter.